About Khatuna


My name is Khatuna Kurdovanidze.

I have a first class psychology degree from the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Greece) and an MSc in Statistical Data Science from the University of Kent (UK).
I speak five languages: Georgian, Russian, little Romanian, Greek and English. I am from Georgia (country). I live and work in the UK.
Let me explain a little bit the purpose of this website.
When I started studying psychology at the university, the classes I took were very interesting and useful. My first thought was that we need to inform about this the world because it will change people’s lives!
I felt that there is a gap between the massive amount of scientific research and how people use it every day.
When you don’t feel well, you can go to the psychologist. Similarly, you go to the dentist when you have a cavity. You can’t fix it yourself. Yet, you are informed about how to take everyday care of your teeth.
The same way, you have the right to know what actions you need to take for maintaining your mental wellbeing. Besides, you have the right to learn about the new findings in psychology.
Therefore, the purpose of this website is popularising psychology. This will give you an opportunity to understand yourself better. It will change your life making it better every day.