Sleep Procrastination

A New Study (2018) Reveals the Old Reason for the Sleep Procrastination

sleep procrastination

Are you struggling to go to bed on time?

Are you a responsible person who fails to go to bed on time, especially on the first days of the week? You can’t wake up on time and you need to snooze your alarm clock severally.

After you finally got up, you have to run to get ready to work, have breakfast and be on time everywhere.

At work, you demonstrate poor performance. In addition to that, you start feeling guilty; you blame yourself about your ability to control yourself.

Well, there are several studies which have shown the relationship between sleep procrastination and a lack of self-regulatory resources.

However, a new study (2018) has been discovered why don’t you go to bed on time. I will describe it briefly. Continue reading “Sleep Procrastination”