So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Book Review

How to Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

Image of the book So Good They Can't Ignore You

Are you stuck with your career?

You want to have a successful life, but you don’t know how or what to do.

You are wondering why certain people are successful, and you are not.

In the meantime, you don’t know what do you want in life. Wondering what path to follow. Furthermore, all these thoughts make you feel lost, upset and unhappy. 

Are you gonna just watch other people succeed? I must warn you that this will lead to more anxiety and depression.

You need to rediscover your passion. Stop procrastinating and start retaking action again. It’s time for a change!

But, how?

I had the same question before I bought this book on Amazon and read it in 3 days!

Why Should You Read This Book?

The book ‘So Good They Can’t Ignore You’ is written by the professor Cal Newport. It’s a career advice book with practical steps you need to take for having a remarkable career.

What Does Author Mean by ‘so good they can’t ignore you’?

Cal Newport says your skills must be way higher than acceptable. You must be perfect, ’so good they can’t ignore you’. Additionally, you need to find a mission. Then, finally, you will feel confident and happy.

Does It Have Scientific Terminology Which is Difficult to Understand?

No, the author uses several terms in this book. Some of them Cal Newport created himself to explain his method better. For example, craftsman mindset, career capital, dream-job elixir.

Is the Author’s Advice Difficult to Follow?

No, there are only 4 rules to remember:

Rule 1 – Don’t follow your passion.

Rule 2 – Make sure you have excellent skills in what you choose to do.  This takes practising your skills every day.

Rule 3 – Take control/freedom of your life.

Rule 4 – Find a mission in your life after you have enough skills, when you are ‘so good they can’t ignore you’.

Does the Author Support his Method with Enough Evidence?

Cal Newport uses a lot of research and case studies of successful people. By the way, some of them he interviewed himself. More than that, he is telling us about changes in his own career life which he made following these 4 rules.

Why is This Book Unique?

First of all, it changes completely the perspective you have about your life and career. Actually, starting from the end (passion) is a huge mistake.

Cal Newport states that the advice ‘find your passion’ or ‘follow your passion’ is not good advice.  He says not to follow your passion. He suggests improving your skills first. Master something and passion will follow.

By the way, this book even helped me to understand my husband better. He loves working hard. I often ask my husband ‘what’s your favourite job?’. He always answers ‘I have done different jobs and I loved them all’. Now I understand what does he mean.

The Ultimate Guide for Your Remarkable Career

The truth is, by the title of this book, you can’t understand how deep is it. I would call this book ‘The Ultimate Guide for Your Remarkable Career’.

It’s a practical book. Gives you step by step guidance which you can use to make the best of your career. And more than that, you can start from the point you are already. You can follow then the next steps necessary for the best career results.

 Above all, this book will organise your career. 

It’s time for action!

It’s your time to shine!

You can have control of your life and career.

When you start following Cal Newport’s advice, you will feel confident about the steps you are taking. The skills you are improving. You will be surprised by new opportunities opening for you.

You will be who you want to be, make money you want to make, have success you want to have. And, what is most amazing,  you will love what you are doing, love yourself and be happy.  

You can find and use the book ‘So good they can’t ignore you’ as an ultimate guide for your new remarkable career.


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